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About Fishy Finds Mercantile, LLC...

Fishy Finds Mercantile, LLC., located in Simi Valley, opened in January of 2007 at 4680 E. Los Angeles Avenue. Owners, Steve Olson and Tania Robuck-Goudsward, buy and sell estates worldwide and use the opportunity to donate a portion of the store's revenue to several local and global charities. The store held its first in-store auction on the 25th of August 2008 and plans to have them monthly.

We also strive to have the friendliest employees around, who are both helpful and knowledgeable. You never know who will be on hand to assist you, but you can bet whoever it is will provide excellent service with a smile and a great attitude. Our staff are well acquainted with the store, as are many of our regular customers, even with the many changes it can go through in any given month, so if you can't find something just ask. Someone will know where it is. Of course, part of the charm of our store is browsing for items and finding them in unexpected places, and many of our customers spend hours happily doing so, ferreting out that special treasure from some hidden nook, or tucked away in a corner.




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